The Arquivo.Cidadão, which is part of the Virtual Historical Archive project of the Superior Tribunal de Justiça, is a permanent space on the STJ website, with the objective of fostering preservation, research and dissemination of the historical documents accumulated by the Court.

Primary source of immeasurable value, the documents of the STJ represent various interests: of the institution itself, which produced them as a result of its constitutional mission; of the parties that sought jurisdiction or had their legal situation affected in any way by the jurisdictional provision; and of the collectivity, by ensuring the preservation of memory for purposes historical.

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The software used to describe this documentation, through which you can consult the documentary collection guarded by the Coordenadoria de Gestão Documental, is the AtoM, a fully web based archival description application that is based on International Council on Archives (ICA) standards. AtoM is an acronymn for Access to Memory.